Flashback Friday


"Friyay" as some might call it. Work is over for the week. The weekend is here and I'm off to the snows with my family for the two days. Then back to one day of work then off again for a roadtrip up to Byron Bay for Splendour in the Grass! Last year was great fun - a lot of unforgettable memories were made - 50% of them on the 13 hour road trip itself (and unfortunately not very well documented). But as for the moments that were - I created a montage of what I managed to film on my gopro:

As my friend Dianna loves to say, "Much excite!!"

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Written on Friday, July 17, 2015 at 6:17 PM by Roschelle H

A Positive From a Negative*

*pun intended.

So I bought my little mini Diana lomography camera years ago - had a bit of a dabble in the not-so-instant film way of life and once I had developed my first roll - my dreams of being a super cool film photographer were shattered.

One photo came out well. Out of 24.

After a few days of wallowing in my pile of super blurry and dark printed photos, I accepted the fact that this was just a usual rite of passage into the Lomography club. It takes practice and its definitely much more difficult to use than an iPhone camera paired with Afterlight or a DSLR camera with all its nifty automated options (as you can sort of tell, I am in no way a professional photographer in anyway - not even an amateur either). So I did a little research and found that I was doing everything wrong - from picking out the right film to use (they have different speeds and everything!), how to use the focus dial, determining whether the lighting would be good or bad and not buying a flash in the first place.

So then I bought a flash, practiced a little more and I found myself slowly working my way down the road to Success, Lomogaphyville.

So here are some shots I feel were quite successful. Feast your eyes on some beautiful people I call my friends and pretty things (which were not done justice through my shaky mini Diana lens) -

Dianna's 21st
(in which we, fittingly, also gifted her a Diana camera)



Brunch at the Grounds of Alexandria

Other random snaps

Expect more of these! I've just put three more rolls to be developed and fingers, toes, arms, hairs crossed that they turn out well!

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Written on Tuesday, March 17, 2015 at 6:47 PM by Roschelle H

Straight Lines, They Unwind You

As of late, I've realised I've come to an important year of my life. Big decisions will be made and major changes will take place.

So how am I dealing with these things so far?

Not so good. So many things are going through my mind and while I like to think I'm adaptable to change - I've realised one thing. Change is easy for me when it is something that happens to me - but initiating change? That's a whole other story.

But what I can be completely sure about - is the fact that I have an amazing array of support around me - from my family, my friends and my boyfriend. They've always been supportive of the decisions I make and are there to give me advice on things I struggle with. With this thought, it pains me to witness so many other people out there who don't have the love and support of family and friends. I guess that's why the above quote "Is there somebody who can watch you?" from the 1975 song resonated to me. It reminded me to be thankfully for the people around me and made me also think o the person I can be for others.


Sidenote: I've managed to distract myself from such decisions by actually trying to enjoy my holidays. I went to see The 1975 live and it was life changing. I'd seen them before during Splendour in the Grass last year, but I knew only two of their songs. But since then I fell in love with their music and they're just so amazing live! As the months led up to the gig, I found myself constantly listening to them and doodling some lyrics (as seen above). Shall post more typography -I'm getting better! I do need to experiment with different styles though - suggestions are great!!

Til next time,

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Written on Thursday, January 22, 2015 at 2:47 AM by Roschelle H

The Sneaky Type

Hey ya'll!

Haven't had a post in a while because I am currently in the midst of that last week before the end of semester where I get little sleep, live off bad food and confine myself in my (newly built!) home studio. But I thought I should at least try to keep this thing alive so here's a short one!

I recently had the honour of designing something for a dear couple who I am friends with and here's a sneak of the type I did:

Can't reveal too much yet, but hopefully you'll be able to see the full thing when I (fingers crossed) launch my website in the summer holidays!

Til next time!

Photography cred: Pannila Photography

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Written on Tuesday, November 4, 2014 at 11:15 AM by Roschelle H

Chevron Sanctuary

Around March earlier this year I totally redid my room - no, wait let's rephrase. I started to redo my room. The process is a never-ending chore, but I'm hoping to eventually get around to finishing it. Things first started when I decided to rid of my ghastly pink walls (think the Simpsons donut pink) and paint them white. But I could not end with just that! No, no, no. After having my eyes glued to pinterest I finally decided that I wanted a white and gold chevron feature wall. It took about a week to do, but it was so worth it.

I then proceeded to replace a lot of my furniture to smaller, compact and mobile pieces because my room is tiny. I literally only had about 2sqm of walking space with my previous furniture. Since I work at IKEA, its no surprise all of my new furniture comes from there. I am eyeing a new wardrobe (my current one is ancient) and some wall storage. Here are some pieces I do own now:

1. MALM dressing table 2. TOBIAS chair 3. BILLY bookcase 4. ALEX drawer unit 5. KNUBBIG lamp 6. ENDISIG vase 7. LEKMAN box 8. SKURAR candle dish (used to hold jewellery) 9. SKURAR plant pot (used to hold pens).

Many of the other items I have around my dressing table and bookcase are predominantly from Typo (I'm in that store way too much) and from thrift stores (that glasses holder was only $2 at Reverse Garbage!) And as you can tell, I have a obsession over gold, white, black and clear. Some say the gold is getting a bit much hehe.

Half a year later I still have 2 blank walls where I hope to attach some sort of shelving and picture frames on to, but I think that will need to wait til the Summer holidays.
But til then, I've grown a liking to my new room - I definitely spend more time in it nowadays but I really have to start throwing or selling some things because I own too much stuff!

Oh! and since taking these photos, I've added some curtains (also from IKEA as expected) and attached lights and such :)

Will put up another post when I've finally completed my room (let's give it 4 months tops)!

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Written on Thursday, October 2, 2014 at 12:36 AM by Roschelle H

Splendid Snaps

A few snaps taken at this year's Splendour trip. Had such a great time with these lovely ladies and SITG 2015 is definitely in my future plans. Did take my gopro with me so I'll (hopefully) be posting a video montage up soon!

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Written on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 at 10:16 AM by Roschelle H

The Rhythm of the Night

Earlier in the year I remember a late night at a friend's house and we were all lounging about watching TV half asleep. Suddenly one of Bastille's festival sets came up and I remember how majestic it all looked and how amazing it would be to see them live. Months later, I was gleefully presented by a ticket for their June concert by the same friends from that night and I couldn't have thanked them more. 

It was as amazing as I imagined it to be and the experience was a thousand fold more amazing than watching them on TV. They're definitely a band that sounds better live than on record. Alison Wonderland and Foxes did an amazing job as supports and I was very surprised (and somewhat annoyed) by the amount of very very young teenage Bastille fangirls who were on their phones the whole damn time (okay fine, more annoyed than surprised.) You can spot the girl's phone in front of me in that last GIF - that was my view for almost half the night.

Nonetheless, they played amazingly and was disappointed that it felt so short - but I'm just happy they at least performed "Of the Night", "Pompeii", "Flaws" and "Laura Palmer". Definitely a band to see.

I think I'll definitely do more of these typography on GIF posts with all of my other goPRO footage - I feel a bit lazy editing full length videos (but might do them in the future). Next one up will be Ellie Goulding's concert!

BASTILLE - Hordern Pavillion Sydney - 14 June 2014

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Written on Thursday, June 26, 2014 at 11:59 AM by Roschelle H

Useless Things

You've heard it all before by your fellow classmates -
"I put the pro in procrastination"  
"Study? What's that? Something you eat?"
These are just an example of a very small excerpt of troubled tweets, statuses and snapchats floating around during the last couple of weeks nearing the end of semester. I, myself, was definitely feeling the pressure of my last few uni projects and with that pressure comes great desire to do useless things. Useless things definitely include making a list of even more useless things to do in the holidays. (But I'm guessing a lot of my friends would argue that catching up with Game of Thrones is definitely not a useless thing.) To make it a lot less useless, I decided to share it here:

Now that today marks the start of a project-free six week holiday, I'm so excited to do all this! (while trying to fit it all in with working full time.. woooo...)

What's on your to-do list for the winter holidays? 

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Written on Thursday, June 19, 2014 at 1:11 PM by Roschelle H


Here's a piece I worked on for my current graphics class for uni. We were basically asked to create a "diagram" depicting our design journey or design approach. What I wanted to show in my diagram was that my design approach isn't a one way street. I like to drabble in many different things and usually my designs consists of bringing really different elements together. To show this, I chose to go with my favourite character - the Ampersand.

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Written on Tuesday, May 27, 2014 at 9:19 PM by Roschelle H

Young Volcanoes

Someone please tell me volcanoes is the correct way to spell it? The more I look at the word, the more it looks strange and I begin to doubt my spelling skills.

Anyway, here's a piece of hand lettering that has been sitting around for months. It was conceived last year in August during a workshop I attended at Work-Shop run by the amazing Gemma O'brien. During the workshop we were told to pick a favourite phrase or name to create our own hand-lettering masterpiece. Panicking, I picked the first song title that popped into my head at the time - Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy. After the night of the workshop the sketch was rolled up and left in my drawer and I finaaaally got around to transferring it onto Illustrator this year.

Pretty proud of the outcome. I admit it's not the smoothest Illustrator-pen-tool job but I'm working on it!

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Written on Tuesday, May 20, 2014 at 11:07 PM by Roschelle H

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